Fishing Must-Haves for Beginners

Fishing is an outdoor activity that seems to be overlooked when thinking of what to do this weekend. At this computer age, where everyone is busy playing online games or spending time scrolling down to the ends of their social media accounts’ timelines, it is just right to consider fishing as a breather or a hobby you can do with your friends and family.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of famous people that shockingly love doing this. To name a few, Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, Former U.S President Obama and Tiger woods show us they can find time to do this activity, and if they can manage to do this, so can you.

Thus, if you are considering doing fishing this weekend, here are some of the must-haves you should bring with you to start off.

Fishing License

It is a permit that helps regulate and control fishing activities. Unless you are 16 years old below, you need a fishing license. With a permit, you must follow certain rules that are imposed. Let’s take fishing bags as examples. When you go fishing, it is not “as many bags as possible” thing. Different states have different regulations, so it is for you to learn it when you are dead serious in going fishing habitually.

How to Get a Fishing License?

Get in Person

You can buy a license from local bait shops or at any retailers near your area although it’s kind of an outdated way to do it.

Buy online

Visit the Department of Natural Resources website and find your state there. Then, look for the instructions on how you can buy the license. Just make sure you are buying according to your state.

Hooks and Sinkers

Fishing is all about making the fish bite and have them caught by you. Could you catch fish by just throwing a piece of nylon to the waters? Well, that is near to impossible. To be able to bring home some fish, you need a hook and a sinker. A hook is obviously a small piece of metal that is curved with its sharp end pointing upward. Then, a sinker is mostly made of lead, and it helps the rate of the hook to sink. 

Rod Reel and Line

The fishing rod, is literally a rod that , classically, is made of bamboo, but modern ones are made of fiberglass or metal. It is used to connect the reel and line so that bait and lures can be controlled.

A Reel is a cylindrical device that is fastened to the rod. It deploys and retrieves the fishing lines.

A fishing line is a cord for angling. It is made durable so that fish, small or big will be lifted from the water without breaking off.

Fishing Baits

Baits are real and artificial types of food used to attract fish. It is attached to the hook so that when the fish bites, it will be caught.

Common Types of Baits

Jigs – has a weighted lead head and can have a feather or plastic grub dress. It sinks easily that makes bottom feeders bite.

Soft Plastic Baits- is a synthetic bait that moves gracefully in the water. It looks attractive as it is the closest to natural baits, like worms.  

Worms- the most natural bait to lure fish. Lobworms, Redworms and Brandlings are the most common types of worms used, to name a few.


While this may be the gear that you think lastly when preparing for fishing, this is still important. When you fish, small or big, you wouldn’t want to leave the hook pierced through the fish’s mouth. Thus, this needle nose plier may help in removing it from that little creature.


Fishing is a type of hobby that will require organizing of gears because if not, you will have wasted time looking for your stuff, for they are scattered. Thus, a good fishing backpack is suggested so that you will have all your gears packed and organized in one bag, making you worry-free and focused more on the actual fishing. 

Final words

With all the exciting games and apps online that make us sit on our chairs all day, especially on weekends, doing outdoor activities might be least considered. Fishing, especially, is kind of laid-back for some, and it is kind of boring by just imagining it, but do you realize how cool it is to be one with other famous people that find Fishing interesting? Also, fishing is a type of activity that gives you a physical and tangible result in the form of the fish caught by you.

Thus, if ever you are thinking of doing this alone, with friends or with your family, the mentioned essentials above must be prepared beforehand. You don’t need to buy the expensive ones as you are just a beginner. Buy good and pricey ones if after your first fishing experience, you think  you are more than willing to do it regularly and as a hobby. 

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