Thermal Optics Vs. Night Vision – Which is Better for You?

There are a lot of hunters that may have different preferences when it comes to the scope that they will use. There are some who feel that night vision scopes are the best option especially when they love hunting at night. The problem is that there are so many varieties that are available that choosing can be a bit hard. You need to know many details about thermal optics and night vision so that you can decide which among the two will be perfect for your needs.

There are certain things that will be considered as factors when you are trying to find the right scopes for your hunting needs.

  •  What game are you planning to target?
  •  Where are you going to hunt?
  •  What are the conditions wherein the equipment will be used?

Thermal optics and night vision are known to be effective in helping hunters recognize the game that they are trying to target but they work in different ways.

Detecting Your Prey

Thermal imaging can be very helpful in finding minute differences in heat when trying to find a game. They do not need any light in order to provide what you are looking for. The best thing about using thermal imaging is that they can be used day and night. Since animals are warmer as compared to the environment that they are in, they can easily be detected and shown when you use the tool.

Night vision will make use of ambient light. This will make detecting some animals during the night easy as long as the distance will not be too far. Animals that are too far may not be detected properly by the night scope. Take note that night vision scopes cannot be used in bright lights as the components of this tool will not work properly. They have been called this way because they do work better at night.

Identifying Game

There are various animals that you may detect with the use of your tools. You can use night vision clip-on systems so that you can see what type of animal is nearby. The thing is, not all of the animals that you can find are prey. You need to know first if it is your targeted game before you can continue.

If you would be using thermal imaging, you will see that there are different colors that are available that will let you know if an animal is nearby. The main issue is, you will not be able to see what type of animal is available so you will not immediately know if it is your game or not.

With night scopes, you will be able to detect the shape of the animal. It will be easier to determine if it is the animal that you are searching for or not. The only time when night vision will fail is if the animal is camouflaged or is standing so still that it cannot be detected anymore.

Durability and Price

This is still one of the things that you have to consider. Both are considered to be highly durable. It will just depend on the brand and model that you will purchase. You cannot expect that all of them will have the same quality. If you would purchase good quality tools, they would be able to take up to 30 caliber recoil.

There are some hunters who may choose the right product depending on the price of the items. This is okay but you have to remember that they would all come in different price ranges. Thermal optics are going to be more expensive as compared to night vision. If this is the type of scope that you need, you have to be prepared to shell out a bit of money for it.

The Use of Each Tool

If you would like to find the right tool that will allow you to detect where your prey is, thermal imaging is the best. It would work even when you are trying to detect prey from a long distance. Night vision is best used when you would like to recognize the prey that you would like to hunt. Some people would like to use both. They would use thermal imaging for detection, then they would use the night vision scope whenever they would like to check if they are going to target the right prey.

In the end, the choice will still be up to you. Remember to read as many details as you can about these tools to help you in making the best choice.

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