Get to Know How to Cut Carbon Arrows to the Right Length

Probably you are tired of having your arrows being cut to length at an archery shop. It is still possible for you to cut the arrows to length at home using various methods. Other than the draw, the draw length and bow’s cam as the length of the arrows is going to determine the flight of your shot arrow. If you get to shorten the arrows, you will improve the performance to a whole new level. You should get some difference in speed and accuracy.


We get to look at some of the tips to follow on how to cut carbon arrows.

What you’ll need​

  • Vise
  • Goggles
  • Dust mask
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Abrading wheel saw


1. Measure the arrow length​

Having a longer arrow is often because of keeping the user safe. You need to ensure that you get to do it correctly when it comes to choosing the right arrow length so that no accidents can arise. Having too short arrows can also be hard to control and lead to injuries.

You need to factor in which type of bow you are using, the type of arrow rest and its position. Put the arrow in the bow and draw it to understand just how much of the arrow has to be trimmed. You have to trim based on your personal preference.

2. Gather the required tools

You need to find the right tools important for cutting the carbon arrows easily. One of the important tools should be a fast abrading wheel saw. This should make cutting through the arrows quite the easy part. Using a normal hacksaw might not always give you the best results in terms of the edge that remains behind. Some of the other types of tools to use include sliding clinches, sandpaper, mounting equipment, stops, rulers, and a wood block.

Do not forget to get yourself some protective gear to protect you when cutting through the carbon fiber material. Wear the goggles and a dust mask to avoid issues with the eyes and respiration.

3. Cut the arrows to length

How to cut carbon arrows1

Proceed to line up the arrow against the ruler. Once the setup is done, you can clamp it down to the desired length. Just make sure you have the right length to cut the arrow, as the process is irreversible. Once the arrow is clamped, you can line it up with the saw blade and start cutting.

Another way is to measure the length first, mark the areas to be cut by a masking tape and then continue to cut the arrows to the desired length. With this method you get more flexibility and cut the arrows based on their original lengths.

You can still re-purpose your bench grinders or rotary composite blade to ensure that cutting is smooth each time. The best part such rotary blade is that you get to cut the arrow with a smooth single cut. A single cut is always better as you do not have to keep repeating the process to get it right.

4. Prepare the arrows for inserts

For this part, you need the sandpaper, which is important for smoothening the end of the shaft that you have just cut. Smoothening of the edge is important for preparing the arrow for inserts and for using too. Once you are done with the cutting, you can proceed to clean the workspace. You do not want to leave the workstation dirty with the carbon fiber material. Remember that the material is still harmful to your health so wear goggles and a dust mask to keep the fibers off.

Below is a video with more tips to follow

Important safety considerations

How to cut carbon arrows2

You do not just end up cutting carbon arrows without keeping in mind some important safety information. If you want to end up with the best trimming process, you want to use a high-speed rotating wheel saw. Look for a model that can rotate around 5000 RPM or more for easy cutting of the carbon arrows. Using a toothed blade might end up fragmenting the arrow easily.

You should never forget wearing personal protective equipment each time you get to do this process. Such protective equipment includes a dusk mask, safety goggles, and gloves. Make sure that you always get to wear the protection during the entire time you are working on the piece.

The carbon fiber material is known to be an electrical conductor. It is the reason you are not advised to cut the arrows close to an electric appliance as the carbon fiber will short circuit it.


The shorter arrows are faster and powerful, but you always have to get them cut to the right length for better handling too. Consider getting your carbon arrows cut using the right tools as explained in the guide or you risk damaging them. Make sure that at all times you keep yourself safe from the health effects of carbon fibers.​

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